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New Park Primary Newsletter - 9th June 2017

Here is our latest newsletter. 

Dear Parents and Children,

Here is our newsletter for this week and the focus is on our class organisation for next year.

First and most importantly, we will be making alterations to how our Nursery provision is managed. As a consequence of budgetary pressures we are not able to maintain teacher led provision so will be reverting to practitioner led provision. This means that we will operate as a 4-11 primary school with a separate 3 and 4 year old nursery under the management of a governor committee and a nursery manager. In practice you will see very little difference to the physical environment or the curriculum other than different coloured tops for the nursery pupils to aid identification during play activities! We shall be appointing the nursery manager internally over the next few weeks.

Obviously there will be a knock on effect as teaching staff will need to be re-organised because of this and the transition of current Y2 pupils in to Key Stage 2.

Both Miss Scott and Mrs. Shaw will be leaving us at the end of the year, Miss Scott to pursue her career in an Early Years setting at another school. Mrs. Shaw comes to the end of her temporary contract and will be looking to work closer to home and reduce her daily commute!

So for 2017/18 the class organisation and staffing will be as follows-

  • Nursery Manager - to be confirmed
  • Reception - Miss Ball with cover provided by Mrs Redman to Christmas and then Miss Pierce
  • Y1 - Mrs. Umpleby/Mrs. Stubbs
  • Y2 - Miss Adlington
    Y3/4 - to be appointed
  • Y3/4 - Mr. Pratt
  • Y5 - Mr. Harrison with cover provided by Mrs. Constable
  • Y6 - Miss Barker

For those of you with children in Y3/4 next year, we will confirm your child’s class once we have appointed a new Y3/4 teacher which will hopefully be by the end of June.

Next, a brief reminder that we have altered our training days next year at the request of the incoming head teacher so please ensure you make a note of the revised dates. They are on the school website.

We are gearing up for our run in to the Summer so please look out for trip letters and other events that will be taking place over the next six weeks. Next week Miss Ball will be conducting the Y1 phonics screening check and we are holding an information evening for parents of new starters on Tuesday 13th June at 6.00pm. That is all for this week. Have an enjoyable post -election weekend!

Yours Sincerely,

Andrew Tomlinson

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