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Specification OCR MEI A Level Mathematics (H640)
Contact Mr L Carne (Learning Director: Mathematics)
Entry Requirements

Students will need a grade 6 or higher at GCSE.


Is this course for me?

If you have a willingness to keep trying, seek assistance and discuss with staff and fellow students to further understanding, these are useful skills in their own right as well as ways to improve your potential grade in Mathematics. 

Where can it take me?

Mathematics is a valuable supporting subject, especially for the sciences, geography, psychology, medicine, economics and law. Careers can be found in engineering, architecture, medicine, accountancy, economics, teaching, psychology, environmental studies and computer sciences. 

What do current students think?

  • “It’s really satisfying – when you have a really difficult question to do and you get the right answer, it’s great!
  • “Useful for all science subjects.”
  • “Universities love it!”


A Level Qualification Structure:

First Year Second Year
Pure Maths Pure Maths
You will build on and develop techniques learnt at GCSE in order to gain the fluency required for advanced maths. These include algebraic manipulation, coordinate geometry and trigonometry.
You will also be introduced to new concepts which are fundamental to advanced maths. These include exponential and logarithmic functions and calculus.
You will build on and develop techniques learnt in the first year, with an emphasis on proof and calculus. You will also learn about advanced sequences and their use in mathematical modelling. This culminates in further applications to real-world problems.
Applied Maths Applied Maths
You will learn a combination of statistical and mechanical techniques that will help you solve complex problems that are intrinsically linked to real-world contexts. You will gain a deeper understanding of probability and data distributions and be able to carry out further hypothesis testing which is integral to so many scientific studies. You will also learn how to model the effects of gravity, friction and turning moments in everyday situations.

Specification OCR MEI A Level Mathematics (7895)
Contact Mr L Carne (Learning Director: Mathematics)
Entry requirements Students will need a B or higher at GCSE.


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