About our trust

Vision & Values

Our Vision

  • To improve the outcomes and life chances for all students in both founder and subsequent schools
  • To close the gap between disadvantaged and other young people
  • To form a primary hub and a secondary hub as part of a family of schools
  • To grow the MAT at an appropriate pace – size does matter
  • To future proof the schools within the family in a collaboration and through partnership working

Our Values…and Passion!

  • Learning first
  • High expectations and high standards
  • Belonging – pride in the badge
  • Individuality and inclusion
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Praise culture
  • British values
  • To be outward looking, pro-active and a sustainable family of schools

Our School Improvement Model will be:

  • Bespoke & collaborative -based on need
  • Build on strengths
  • Support at all levels
  • Structured and systematic and will focus on Teaching & Learning, Achievement and Progress, Behaviour and Safety, Leadership & Governance, tracking and intervention, praise and reward).

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