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Vicky Fox

Lead Practitioner - English and Communication

I have always been thrilled at the prospect of working in education. The moral purpose drives me and I am buoyed up by seeing the impact teachers and leaders can have on young people. 

What’s more, I have always loved learning, so it feels suitable that my leadership role centres around English as an academic discipline. I love the prospect that, as Director for English across the Trust, I can use my own learning to enrich other school leaders, classroom practitioners and, most notably, students and pupils. 

As a leader for NSAT, I feel empowered to focus school leadership on one of the most important areas of education - creating a transformative curriculum for our particular student needs.  My first moment of joy in my new NSAT role was remapping English curricula at KS3 and KS4 in our two secondary schools.  It was motivating to see other English specialists getting excited about what curriculum offer we can provide for our contexts. In particular, we wanted to enrich our students’ lives with a curriculum immersed in cultural capital and big, social and political concepts, such as class disparity and gender equality.

Mrs V Fox - Lead Practitioner English and Communications

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