Employment Essentials

We know that leaving one Trust and joining another can be an unsettling time.

Here are the key things you need to know to make sure the immediate transition is as smooth as possible.

  • Your May payslip will come from your new payroll provider, Dataplan, which serves all Northern Star Academy schools. Payslips are sent to you electronically. Bradford Payroll Services has provided all the information needed to make sure your pay should transfer seamlessly.  Colleagues from NSAT and the Bradford team have been working hard to make sure information is accurate.  Even so – check your first pay slip carefully and alert us immediately if you have any questions

  • NSAT uses DataPlan's online system to provide payslips and P60s documentation electronically. Details on how to access the system will be shared with you individually by email, please keep an eye out for this and if you have any issues get in touch with HR at: hr@nsat.org.uk

  • As part of the transfer, you are still employed continuously. 

  • From 1 May, your employer is Northern Star Academies Trust. Under the TUPE arrangements, you retain the same contract and the same contractual employment terms and conditions as you had before 1 May. 

  • Our Trust’s pay policy is based on nationally agreed terms and conditions for both teachers and associate staff. You will notice little difference in the practicalities of your employment. 

  • If you have any concerns or need more information about your employment, you can still contact your on-site business manager, or email the central HR team at hr@nsat.org.uk

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