Who's Who​

Our Trust is a team, working together. These are some of people you might see around school first.

Jenn Plews - Welcome Staff Image

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Louise Sagar - Chief Financial Officer

Jenn Plews
Chief Executive Officer

Peter Addison-Child
Chief Operating Officer

Louise Sagar
Chief Finance Officer

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Ann Wheatcroft
Education Improvement Director
Christine Schofield
Education Improvement Director
Gary Crompton
Trust Designated Safeguarding Lead
Jess Eaton - Welcome Staff Image

Louise Wade Rayne - Welcome Staff Image

Paul Clifton - Welcome Staff Image
Jessica Eaton
Director of Corporate Affairs
Louise Wade Rayne
Head of HR
Paul Clifton
Head of IT

You can find out more about our Trustees on the NSAT website:

Our Trustees

Key Contacts

If you have any questions, we want to help.

If you can’t find the answer within your school, just email the NSAT central HR team at: hr@nsat.org.uk

The team will deal with any HR queries or redirect any other questions to the relevant colleague.

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