School Improvement

When carrying out its school improvement role NSAT members will:

  • Hold in regard the schools’ autonomy though valuing their own self-evaluation and other assessments;
  • Create, maintain, and foster strong relationships between schools;
  • Promote a school led system as the principal driver for constructing sustainable school improvement, for sharing good practice and being held to account;
  • Further the equality of opportunity across the Trust as a whole; aiming to eliminate discrimination through fostered good relationships;
  • Intervene at the earliest opportunity and commission bespoke support to prevent schools becoming a cause for concern;
  • Encourage a genuine sense of shared responsibility with children, parents and other stakeholder in relation to behaviour for learning and attendance
  • Take into account the myriad of factors that impact on pupil progress and attainment across all phases
  • Promote effective partnership and collaboration, to identify, share and develop outstanding practice
  • Support schools in their provision for vulnerable learners with the school setting and beyond
  • Have due regard to work load and the health and well-being of all staff.

NSAT School Improvement Strategy


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